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Child custody and support orders are generally based on the given circumstances at the time the orders are issued. If family circumstances change significantly over time, there may be grounds for a custody or support modification.

However, parents should never deviate from custody or support orders without first taking the proper legal steps. At Mansouri Law Offices, we have a record of success in helping parents in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles modify existing orders, as well as prevent modifications that are not in the child's best interests.

When Can Child Custody Be Modified?

Modifying a child custody order can be one of the most difficult post-divorce legal situations that parents encounter. For example, a modification is typically required if one parent wants to relocate with the child. While this may be a relatively common situation, it can also be highly contentious if the other parent's time with the child is reduced.

If you are seeking a move-away or other child custody change, or if you believe the other parent's requested change is a violation of your parental rights and not in your child's best interests, do not hesitate to seek legal help from an experienced family law attorney. Too much is at stake to try to handle these matters on your own, and Mansouri Law Offices can help.

In any case, the parent requesting a child custody change must show that the modification would support the child's best interests.

Our founding attorney Pedram Mansouri is a Certified Family Law Specialist and trial lawyer with extensive experience in move-away cases and other matters involving child custody modifications. Mr. Mansouri can help ensure that your child's best interests are protected.

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