Divorcing Late In Life? We Can Help.

Every divorce is unique, but some issues tend to be more relevant for spouses who decide to divorce later in life. If you and your spouse have decided to divorce after age 50, Mansouri Law Offices is particularly suited to help ensure that your rights and interests are protected now and in the future.

We understand what may be at stake when a second or third marriage comes to an end. Often there are complex inheritance issues, and there may be prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to consider. Our founding attorney Pedram Mansouri is a skilled trial lawyer and Certified Family Law Specialist with a record of success in handling complex divorces.

Skilled Divorce Representation For Beverly Hills Boomers

In many cases, older couples in Beverly Hills have acquired significant assets over the years, and as two spouses get older, assets acquired prior to the marriage are more likely to become mingled as community property.

Complicating matters, there may be significant real estate investments and pension/retirement savings that need to be considered to reach a fair divorce settlement. We can investigate and address all matters of complex property division, as well as provide you with knowledgeable counsel and skilled representation as you make decisions regarding your family and your future.

If matters cannot be resolved outside of court, we will not hesitate to advocate on your behalf at trial.

Property and family matters stemming from late-in-life divorce are often so complicated that a single mistake could have lifelong repercussions. Contact Mansouri Law Offices to safeguard your interests.

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