When To Get Aggressive

Many couples in Beverly Hills enter the divorce process with the best intentions — to resolve differences amicably and begin looking to a brighter future. However, even when spouses plan to reach agreement through a low-conflict process such as mediation, a single point of contention can still lead to an impasse.

If you and your spouse are unable to agree on matters of child custody, property division or another aspect of your divorce, we can advise you on whether to escalate matters to litigation.

To Litigate Or Not To Litigate?

The decisions you make during your divorce will affect your life for years to come, and the importance of taking steps now to protect your interests and those of your family cannot be overstated.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, our founding attorney Pedram Mansouri has extensive experience in methods of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative law. Mr. Mansouri is also a skilled trial lawyer with a strong record of success. He can advise you on whether out-of-court negotiations can feasibly resolve your dispute, or whether fighting for your rights in court is the better option.

When resolution of a family law matter has proven to be unsuccessful, we believe it is best to pursue an aggressive litigation strategy that will produce the best result in the shortest amount of time.

Strong Representation In Every Type Of Family Law Matter

We believe that every family law dispute should be resolved outside of court, and we make every effort to obtain a fair and amicable resolution. When that is not possible due to an impasse with the other side, we are prepared to aggressively represent your interests in a wide variety of family law matters, including:

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