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November 2017 Archives

How should one approach changing a holiday child custody plan?

Starting with Thanksgiving until we ring in the New Year, the holidays can be a magical time in California, especially for children. In between the feasting, gift-giving and celebrations that occur between now and the New Year, it is a busy time of year, one that is rooted in tradition. However, that tradition could get disrupted if a child's parents divorce.

Commingling can change the status of assets in property division

When a couple in California marries, does the old adage, "What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yours," apply? Well, it is possible for some assets that were obtained prior to marriage to remain the sole property of the person who owned them even if they divorce. However, in order to keep separate assets separate, it is important that commingling has not occurred.

What are the basic requirements for filing for divorce?

Sometimes, when the fighting gets to be too much or when spouses grow more and more distant from one another, one or both of them will decide that their marriage simply can no longer be held together, and they are best off divorcing. In California, a divorce (also referred to as a dissolution) puts a legal and permanent end to the marital relationship. This means that once the divorce process is complete, a person is considered to be single and can remarry, if they so choose.

Parental alienation can affect your children for life

Parenting through a divorce is seldom easy. No matter the ages of your children, you are likely to see signs of confusion, temper and emotions that are uncharacteristic. As difficult as it may be to deal with, you know it is understandable. After all, you may be feeling these sentiments yourself from time to time.

What happens when California business owners divorce?

Owning a family business may be part of the "American Dream," but you can't go through life wearing rose-colored glasses. Some people in California who are married and own a business together might have success in both ventures, at least for a while. However, eventually their marriage might deteriorate to the point where they feel they are best off divorcing. What does that mean, though, for the business they have built together from the ground up?

Parents can benefit from legal counsel in child custody cases

Parents in Los Angeles, even if they are going through a divorce, want to do what's best for their child. After all, they are in a position to know exactly what their child's unique needs are. Therefore, it is helpful for parents going through a divorce to try to work together to create a child custody plan out of court. This parenting plan should address both legal custody and physical custody.

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