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Finding a Custody Arrangement That Fits Your Family

Sharing physical custody of your children after divorce can be an extraordinarily difficult experience. Not only do you have to adjust to splitting up parenting time, but you also need to figure out the logistics of where you, your ex and your kids will all live.

This can be a challenge, and there is no one right answer. Depending on numerous details of your specific situation, there may be different options to consider when it comes to how you plan to share custody. Below are a few options that you may want to explore.

Separate parents, separate homes

This is the most common type of living arrangement, and the one most people think about when they think about sharing custody. This traditional arrangement involves each parent living in his or her own separate home. The kids then travel between the homes and live with each parent during his or her parenting time.

Nesting, or bird nesting

Nesting is an arrangement where the children's home is "the nest." Parents then move in and out of the nest home, depending on who has custody. As this article points out, nesting can work well for families who prioritize stability for the kids, but it is difficult. To make nesting work, each parent needs to have his or her own separate home in addition to the children's home. Parents also need to both be committed to taking care of "the nest".

Living together

Some families can still live in the same space and co-parent. While this is likely one of the rarer options, it could work when people have very large homes with different living spaces. It might also work for people who live in different apartments in the same building or people with a main house and guesthouse on site.

Finding the best arrangement for you and your kids

Whatever you decide to do, it is crucial that you prioritize your children's well-being when it comes to figuring out child custody and living situations after divorce. You would also be wise to discuss with your attorney any legal measures and protections you can put in place to ensure the arrangement is fair.