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Seeking a spousal support modification when life changes

Sometimes while married, one spouse earns significantly more than the other. In some cases, one spouse stays out of the workforce entirely to support their partner and children at home. This dynamic may work out well for many years, but not every marriage is meant to last. When partners in California divorce and go their separate ways, the lesser-earning spouse may be at a disadvantage.

When can dividing marital debt in a divorce lead to trouble?

When a couple in California owns many valuable assets, should their marriage start to fail, both parties may be concerned with who gets what. And, indeed, property division is an important divorce legal issue that couples must settle when they part ways. Of course, when people think of their marital property, they may think of their house, vacation cabins, automobiles, boats, furniture and artwork, among many other valuable items. However, what divorcing couples should be aware of is that it is not just their marital assets that will be divided -- their marital debts will be divided too.

Financial impacts of gray divorce could affect personal aspects

After being married for decades, you may have felt that you understood your life's and your relationship's ups and downs. Over time, you may have simply accepted annoyances or unhealthy habits that manifested in your marriage and continued to show themselves often. Even though you no longer felt happy, you had gotten used to the arrangement.

Do not put off seeking a child support modification in California

Many parents in California dutifully pay their child support obligations in full and on time, month after month. However, no one can tell what the future will bring, particularly when it comes to finances. For example, a person could see their hours at work reduced, they may lose their job altogether or there may be a change in how much time they spend with their child. Any of these situations could seriously affect a parent's financial situation, making it difficult for them to pay child support, as their order currently stands.

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