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What are some common misconceptions about divorce and money?

When a couple in California goes through a divorce, financial issues such as property division and spousal support will come up. There is often confusion about exactly how the settlement of these issues will affect a person financially. This post will go over some misconceptions a person might have with regards to money and divorce.

Family law courts could benefit from divorce parenting program

Going through a divorce is hard on the entire family. Of course, parents in Los Angeles experience a bevy of emotions when it comes to divorce, as they come to an understanding of their new normal as a single individual. However, children may also need help coping with the transitions divorce brings to their lives. Therefore, parents going through a divorce will likely want to take every measure they can to ensure their child weathers the change in a healthy manner.

How to protect your rights against parental alienation tactics

Is yours a divorce where it became clear early on in the process that the other adult involved was not going to make things easy for you? Like most good parents in California, you really just wanted to work out a fair and agreeable parenting plan, then allow the rest of the divorce process to unfold as swiftly and amicably as possible. You assumed your former spouse also had your children's best interests at heart, that is, until he or she started to try to alienate them from you.

How are retirement assets handled in property division?

Married couples in Los Angeles spend many of their working years building a solid retirement plan. They may have 401(k)s, pensions, IRAs and other investments. They may be anticipating the day that they can retire, and do things together like travel, play golf and spend more time with family and friends, all things made possible through a well-rounded retirement plan.

Considerations to keep in mind in a high net worth divorce

When a couple in Los Angeles divorces, they may find that their disagreements carry on throughout the divorce process. After all, each party does not want to get short-changed in the final settlement. The stakes are raised in a high net worth divorce, where a significant amount of money is involved.

Summary dissolution may be an alternative to divorce for some

One thing some married couples in California who are constantly fighting can actually agree on is that they want to end their marriage. However, they may be discouraged in thinking that divorce is a lengthy process that will cost them a lot, financially and emotionally. They may wonder if there are any alternatives. While most couples in California seeking to end their marriage will have to go through the normal divorce process, it may be possible in certain situations to end a marriage through a "summary dissolution."

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