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Disagreements about chores can lead to divorce, survey says

When a couple in California marries and moves in together, they will have to divvy up the household chores. For example, one spouse might be in charge of the laundry, while the other cleans the bathrooms. Or, sometimes one spouse writes the other a "honey-do" list of chores they'd like their partner to complete. Of course, disagreements about who should do which chores will happen. Sometimes one spouse feels like they are taking on the lion's share of the housework, and that their partner is not pulling their weight when it comes to chores. Couples fight over chores from time-to-time.

We assist California parents going through a divorce

When two people in California become parents, they naturally want to do all they can to be the best parent they can be. They want their child to grow up in a happy, healthy, loving environment. So, while it can be a difficult adjustment, if a child's parents' marriage is failing, it is often better for all if the parents divorce. After all, after the divorce is settled, a child will no longer be exposed to fighting parents, and can develop a separate, meaningful relationship with each parent that will allow them to thrive.

What is considered community property in a California divorce?

In California, while a couple is married, they may decide that when it comes to their property that, "What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yours." And, this is the way California law also treats community property. This is an especially important distinction couples should keep in mind should they decide down the road to divorce.

Are you facing a high-conflict divorce with a narcissist?

Over the years, the person you thought you married may have fallen away. What you are left with is a person who refuses to take responsibility for his or her actions and blames everyone else for his or her failings. Your spouse may lack empathy and blame you for everything that goes wrong -- even, or especially, if it wasn't your fault.

A child support modification may not always go as expected

Child support can be a sticking point for many parents in California who are no longer in a relationship with one another. Of course, parents want to give their child the best upbringing they can. However, some parents may feel like they pay too much in child support. They may feel it is simply more than they can afford, or they may not approve of how their ex is spending the money. Conversely, some parents may feel like they do not receive enough in child support. They may feel that they are struggling financially to raise their child or they may feel like their ex earns enough to warrant higher payments.

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