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Why might a California parent seek a child support modification?

As parents in Los Angeles move on from their divorce, in general, one parent will pay child support to the other parent. However, life has a way of throwing twists and turns in one's direction. Sometimes a parent's circumstances change so drastically that they feel the current child support order is no longer appropriate. In this situation, parents may pursue a modification of the child support order.

A late-in-life divorce presents complex legal issues

Some people in Los Angeles might be under the impression that those who divorce late in life have an easier time than younger couples who divorce. But, while older couples still must resolve issues regarding spousal support and property division, but there are two topics that become more complicated as a couple ages.

Is it worth it to fight for the family home in a divorce?

In any divorce there is the possibility that the property division process will be very contentious. While some couples may split amicably, many couples are still reeling from the emotions and incidents that led to the decision to divorce. Therefore, they do not want to feel short-changed when their assets are divided.

Post-divorce tips for a low-stress summer

When you signed your co-parenting agreement, you hadn't really had time to think about summer. Now that it's almost here, how things will work out regarding vacations, unplanned visits and other issues might concern you. As it has been since you first decided to divorce, your main priority is keeping your children's best interests in mind.  

Will an incarcerated parent be responsible for child support?

It is unfortunate that sometimes a noncustodial parent in California will do something illegal. While some crimes are penalized by perhaps no more than a slap on the wrist, other times a person will face years in prison for a crime they committed. This has implications on the child support the incarcerated noncustodial parent is responsible for.

Making the most of the summer with your child post-divorce

Summer is upon us and children across Los Angeles are anxiously awaiting the end of school. For kids, summertime should be a time of relaxation, where they can sleep in, eat ice cream, go to the beach or pool, ride their bikes and in general enjoy the extended free time at their hands. However, for children whose parents are divorced, summer can be stressful, particularly if the child's parents have not come to an agreement as to child custody and visitation during these months.

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