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August 2018 Archives

Cohabitation could affect spousal support payments

It is becoming more common and socially acceptable these days for unmarried couples to live together. While this generally does not pose much of an issue in a couple's daily lives, cohabitation could have a significant impact on them if one partner is receiving spousal support from a previous marriage.

What issues should parenting plans in California address?

Parenting plans are written agreements that parents in California who are going through a divorce or are no longer in a relationship with one another will execute with regards to the care and custody of their child. Oftentimes, parents are able to establish a parenting plan out of court. Once the parenting plan is complete, it can be submitted for court approval, making it legally binding.

Skilled help to reach a fair divorce settlement

Property division in a divorce is not as simple as some Californians may think. One might believe that everything will just be split down the middle and each party will go their separate ways. However, the division of assets is more complex than that, and any mistakes made could affect a person's financial future for the rest of their life.

3 verbal tactics a parent may use to alienate the other parent

When divorces turn ugly, parents may immediately begin to feel concern for their kids. You may have found yourself in this type of situation as you and your ex-spouse became increasingly unable to work together throughout the divorce process. Still, you came to custody terms that allowed you to maintain a relationship with your kids.

Review parenting plans before the new school year begins

Summer is winding down for many children in California, meaning it is back-to-school time. This can be a time of nervousness and anticipation for any child, but especially so for children whose parents have divorced. Parents in such situations can take steps to ensure their child successfully transitions back to the school year.

Some Californians may benefit from a 2018 divorce

It may seem hard to believe, but 2018 is already more than half way over, and 2019 is looming. For people in Los Angeles trapped in unhappy marriages, they may be eager to divorce. While all divorce issues should be carefully thought out, there could be advantages to finalizing for divorce before the year's end.

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