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Don't stress over your California divorce - we can help

Getting married can give a couple the butterflies, in a good way! However, if you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, it can give a person a different kind of butterflies in their stomach. Feeling anxious about a divorce is normal. However, don't let it overcome you or your goals.

California state law and spousal support determinations

Not all marriages last forever. Just ask the nearly 50 percent of people involved in marriages that didn't last. Divorce doesn't need to be a negative thing, merely a mark that a change in a person's life is coming. When a couple decides to divorce, there are many topics that need to be considered. One of those may be spousal support.

Determine a parenting plan that is right for your family

Whether you and your child's parent are going through a divorce or just decided that a parenting plan is what you need to parent effectively from separate households, there is no time like the present to pursue this. Parenting plans are put into effect for those who are parenting children from separate households, it helps outline expectations and responsibilities of each parent. It can also contain details pertaining to child support.

In California family court, college is not automatic

As is the case with other states, California requires parents to support their children until the children are legal adults. Specifically, parents have an obligation to pay child support until the child turns 18. If the child remains in high school, then parents must support him until he graduates, drops out or turns 19.

Is your spouse hiding assets? Here's how you can find out

You know that divorce is going to be difficult, especially if there are complex and valuable assets at stake. High asset divorces are more likely to be acrimonious, and many times, it takes a costly, stressful court battle to settle property division matters. It can be especially difficult when one spouse suspects the other of hiding assets or being dishonest about property value. 

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