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Representation in a high-conflict divorce

The trend in family law today seems to be in favor of couples getting their issues resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible. Doing so is often peddled as a good thing for a person's emotions and for the well-being of that person's children, especially if the children are still at home as minors. Amicable splits also are admittedly easier on one's time and finances.

Legal separation in California

A resident of the Los Angeles area might come to a point where she recognizes that she must no longer live with her husband, sometimes even for the sake of her own safety or that of her children.

What factors will courts consider when ordering spousal support?

Sometimes when a couple in California divorces, one party may be at a financial disadvantage compared to the other party. For example, one party may earn significantly less than the other, or one party may have stopped working while married to take care of the home while the other party worked. Because the state has an interest in seeing that both spouses are able to live comfortably after a divorce, sometimes the court will order the higher-earning party to pay spousal support to the lesser-earning party.

Some Californians may benefit from a 2018 divorce

It may seem hard to believe, but 2018 is already more than half way over, and 2019 is looming. For people in Los Angeles trapped in unhappy marriages, they may be eager to divorce. While all divorce issues should be carefully thought out, there could be advantages to finalizing for divorce before the year's end.

Late-in-life divorces could be settled through collaborative law

Many couples in Los Angeles and across the nation that have been married for decades, have raised their families, and are facing or are in their retirement years are now contemplating getting a divorce. A "gray divorce" as these late-in-life divorces are called, presents issues that may differ from those younger divorcing couples may not face. While there likely is not child custody or child support issues to contend with if the couple's children are grown adults, couples going through a gray divorce will want to pay close attention to property division and spousal support, as these issues can affect their finances and what their retirement will look like post-divorce.

A late-in-life divorce presents complex legal issues

Some people in Los Angeles might be under the impression that those who divorce late in life have an easier time than younger couples who divorce. But, while older couples still must resolve issues regarding spousal support and property division, but there are two topics that become more complicated as a couple ages.

How can a prenup benefit a couple, even if they don't divorce?

Couples in Los Angeles who are engaged to be married are usually very much in love. They may feel they have a lot in common with their soon-to-be spouse, and anticipate a long and happy union together. However, one topic that is not always discussed prior to walking down the aisle is that of money. For some couples, this can be a costly mistake. Disagreements about how to handle money in a marriage can sometimes lead to divorce. Therefore, it can help for couples to discuss money well before their wedding day, so they can be on the same page about how to handle it.

Disagreements about chores can lead to divorce, survey says

When a couple in California marries and moves in together, they will have to divvy up the household chores. For example, one spouse might be in charge of the laundry, while the other cleans the bathrooms. Or, sometimes one spouse writes the other a "honey-do" list of chores they'd like their partner to complete. Of course, disagreements about who should do which chores will happen. Sometimes one spouse feels like they are taking on the lion's share of the housework, and that their partner is not pulling their weight when it comes to chores. Couples fight over chores from time-to-time.

What are some common misconceptions about divorce and money?

When a couple in California goes through a divorce, financial issues such as property division and spousal support will come up. There is often confusion about exactly how the settlement of these issues will affect a person financially. This post will go over some misconceptions a person might have with regards to money and divorce.

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