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Marital Property Division

Don't Handle Property Division Alone in a High-Asset Divorce

California couples who decide to end their marriages may have a lot of concerns, and one of these concerns may be how to divide their property. This may be especially true for couples who have a significant amount of assets. While some property will be considered separate and will be retained by the spouse who owns it, property obtained during the course of the marriage will generally be subject to equal division, although this doesn't mean that every piece of property will be split 50/50.

When it comes to a high-asset divorce, property division can become more complicated. High-asset couples may own a business, have multiple pieces of real estate, may have luxury items such as automobiles, jewelry, and antiques, may have valuable stocks or bank accounts, and they may have a significant amount of money invested in retirement plans. Since the stakes are so high when it comes to property division in a high-asset divorce, it is important that spouses in such situations seek the advice of an attorney to protect their interests.

The professionals at Mansouri Law Offices understand the complexities involved in a high-asset divorce. Assets must be valued, and it is essential that no hidden assets are overlooked. In addition, an attorney may be able to help clients determine what property is separate and what property is marital. All of this can be important when it comes to seeking a fair and appropriate resolution with regard to the division of assets in a divorce.

Divorcing couples have much on their minds so it can help to let an attorney shoulder some of the burden of ensuring that fair results are reached. The following overview of property division in a high-asset divorce may be of help for those who are facing divorce and need more information.