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High Net Worth Divorce

Alice Rogoff and Billionaire David Rubenstein Divorce Finalize in California

Not every marriage is meant to last. Whether a couple in California gets by paycheck-to-paycheck, or whether they are wealthy individuals with many valuable assets, their marriage can hit the rocks for a variety of reasons, leading to divorce. One high-profile couple's divorce demonstrates just that.

Billionaire David Rubenstein and his wife Alice Rogoff have decided to end their marriage. The philanthropist couple had been married since 1983, but have now officially and legally divorced. The terms of their dissolution were settled upon in private negotiations and will not be made available to the public.

The wealthy duo separated back in 2005. They each mostly lived their lives separately, but they would appear as a couple from time to time to attend formal functions and their philanthropic endeavors. Rubenstein had given millions to the Kennedy Center, which he chaired, certain universities, and the National Archives. He had also co-founded the Carlyle Group. His fortune is worth approximately $2.8 billion, and he has stated that he wants to donate most of it to charity. Rogoff had been living in Alaska for the past few years and was the publisher for the Anchorage Daily News. Rubenstein and Rogoff have three adult children.

This serves as an example that divorce can happen to just about anyone of any financial means. While making the decision to divorce is a serious one, sometimes it is in the couple's best interests. Those who want more information on how to protect their rights and interests during the divorce process may want to seek legal assistance.

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