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Custody & Support Modifications

Seeking a Spousal Support Modification When Life Changes

Sometimes while married, one spouse earns significantly more than the other. In some cases, one spouse stays out of the workforce entirely to support their partner and children at home. This dynamic may work out well for many years, but not every marriage is meant to last. When partners in California divorce and go their separate ways, the lesser-earning spouse may be at a disadvantage.

This is why spousal support is so important. While spouses who pay spousal support may not be very happy about it, spousal support allows the lesser-earning spouse to get back on their feet financially until they can support themselves on their own.

Of course, a person's life circumstances can change. In California, if either partner has experienced a significant change in financial circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a modification to a spousal support order. This can be requested by either spouse, depending on whether their income or needs went up or down.

Each party can retain an attorney to ensure they understand their rights, that a fair agreement is reached and the proper papers are filed with the court. Without an attorney, costly disputes could arise, or an agreement may ultimately be unenforceable. Some parties are not on very friendly terms, and are better off seeking a spousal support modification through the court. When this happens, it is important that each side is represented by an attorney, so their interests can be protected.

At our firm we know that divorce legal issues like spousal support issues can have a huge effect on our clients' lives. It is important to secure an outcome to these issues that is in the best interests of our clients. Our founding attorney is a Certified Family Law Specialist, making him one of approximately 300 attorneys with this distinction in Los Angeles County. OurĀ support modificationweb page may be a good starting point for those who need more information on this topic.