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How Can Co-Parenting After Divorce Benefit the Child?

Divorce is a fact of life for many families in Los Angeles. This, for children of divorce, means that their parents do not live together. Some parents may fear this will have a negative effect on their child. However, quite the opposite is true.

One study found that around 80 percent of children with divorced parents are able to adapt to the situation, and do not suffer any long-term negative effects from it. Children need to have a good relationship with each of their parents, but their parents do not need to live together for this to happen. When a child's parents are able to work together after divorce through co-parenting and when they are emotionally stable, they are able to concentrate their energies on raising the child in a stable and loving environment.

Co-parenting is beneficial for many reasons. When parents constantly fight, it can lead to conflict that harms the child. Cooperation is healthier, both for the parents and the child. Co-parenting allows parents to develop new routines that provide the child with the stability they need to grow and thrive. By not blaming one's ex for everything, parents can let go of that negativity, which allows them to focus on raising their child. Parents can still provide their child with positive experiences that do not revolve around the status of the parent's marriage. Finally, when parents take care of themselves, they are better able to take care of their child.

As this shows, a child can still grow up in a well-rounded environment, even if their parents are divorced. Having divorced parents who cooperate to raise their child is better than having married parents who are in constant conflict with one another. Change is not always easy, and emotions can run high in a divorce. But, by keeping their focus on raising their child together, parents can parent effectively, even if they are divorced.

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