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Marital Property Division

Property Division Can Be Complex in a High Net-Worth Divorce

Between Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and all points in between, California is truly a state where a person from humble beginnings can become a very wealthy individual. And, like people across the nation, oftentimes when a couple marries, over the years their assets accumulate in a way that substantially increases their net worth.

Of course, not every marriage in California is meant to last. Ultimately, some high net worth couples will find that it is in their best interests to divorce. However, a high-asset divorce can be very complex. It is best not to handle such a divorce alone.

At our firm, we have helped many individuals going through a high-asset divorce. One issue that will come up in such a divorce is property division issues. While under state law marital property is to be divided equally, in reality, this does not always mean each party will walk away with 50 percent of the marital assets. In a high-asset divorce, couples may have multiple pieces of real estate, business assets, stocks and valuable pieces of personal property, such as automobiles, artwork, collections, and furniture. It is important that any division of assets in a high-asset divorce is done in a manner that is fair to all involved.

At our firm, we can help uncover hidden assets. We can also assist with the valuing of a business. We can also help clients identify assets that are non-marital, and therefore will not be part of the property division process. To learn more about how an attorney can assist with property division in a high-asset divorce, please visit our webpage onĀ high net worth divorce.