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What Exactly Is Parental Alienation and What Causes It?

A term that has become more popular of late in the world of family counseling is parental alienation. Parental alienation has also become a buzzword in family law cases, as judges, mediators and the like who work in the Los Angeles area are determined to prevent it.

Parental alienation is actually a term used in psychology as opposed to being a legal term of art.

While most experts agree that children generally benefit from having a strong relationship with both of their parents, one parent does not see matters in this light.

Instead, they will go about, perhaps even unconsciously, trying to make the children hostile toward the other parent, usually with disparaging remarks and the like. Oftentimes, this parent will also make it difficult for the child's other parent to build up a different perception in

Their attitude usually reflects their own exaggerated hostility toward the other parent. Unfortunately, if allowed to continue in their pattern of behavior, then parental alienation syndrome can develop in the children, meaning the child suffers fallout from having the relationship with his or her mother or father severed.

Parents who perpetuate parental alienation syndrome are often well-financed but, usually, are struggling with some hurts of their own. They have to be confronted assertively via the legal process if they insist on not following custody orders, being difficult or in other ways trying to deny or diminish the role of both parents in the child's life.

A mom or dad in the Los Angeles area who feels his or her relationship has been hurt by the other parent should, therefore, consider securing the help of an experienced family law attorney.