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Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Determine a Parenting Plan That Is Right for Your Family

Whether you and your child's parent are going through a divorce or just decided that a parenting plan is what you need to parent effectively from separate households, there is no time like the present to pursue this. Parenting plans are put into effect for those who are parenting children from separate households, it helps outline the expectations and responsibilities of each parent. It can also contain details pertaining to child support.

It can be tough enough for married parents to effectively and smoothly parent their children. Take parents who are no longer in a relationship with each other and it can undoubtedly become even more difficult. In a perfect world, parents of children would get along perfectly and see eye to eye on every issue. In the real world, this usually isn't so.

Parenting plans can help to keep parents held accountable. It can also take out any 'grey area' in terms of expectations of each parent in rearing their child or children. At the Mansouri Law Offices, we take parenting plans seriously and hope to help our clients draft the perfect version for their family. Sometimes conditions are temporary when an original parenting plan is drafted. This can result in a modification being needed later down the line.

Wherever you and your child's parent are at in terms of parenting, a parenting plan can only help. Not everything can be mandated by these parenting plans, but there are many topics that can be breached. The goal is to achieve a situation that is in the best interests of the child.