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Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Review Parenting Plans Before the New School Year Begins

Summer is winding down for many children in California, meaning it is back-to-school time. This can be a time of nervousness and anticipation for any child, but especially so for children whose parents have divorced. Parents in such situations can take steps to ensure their child successfully transitions back to the school year.

First, it helps to have a parenting plan for the school year that both parents are satisfied with and committed to. In a parenting plan, parents will have to decide who has possession of the child and when during the school year, which may be different than the arrangements they had during the summertime.

If it has been a while since their parenting plan was reviewed, parents should blow the dust off it sooner rather than later. That way, any changes that need to make can be executed before the first day of school, meaning less stress for children and parents alike.

In addition, parents need to be on the same page when it comes with school-related issues, such as homework and bedtime, as well as how to deal with sick days or unexpected closings. Parents who are consistent on these points during the school year can help ensure that their child has the stability and routine they need to succeed. And, parents should make sure they agree on teacher communication and who will receive notes and other paperwork from the school.

Whether parents have just divorced over the summer, or whether they have been divorced for years, it is important that they review their parenting plan before the school year starts. This way they can note any issues that might come up and resolve them before the school year starts. This can lead to less stress for children and parents as the transition into a new school year.