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Marital Property Division

Skilled Help to Reach a Fair Divorce Settlement

Property division in a divorce is not as simple as some Californians may think. One might believe that everything will just be split down the middle and each party will go their separate ways. However, the division of assets is more complex than that, and any mistakes made could affect a person's financial future for the rest of their life.

California is a "community property" state. This means that unlike assets a person had prior to getting married, the assets obtained during the course of the marriage are considered marital property that each party has a right to. However, this doesn't mean that a perfect 50/50 split is inevitable. Moreover, determining what property is marital, and what property a party owns separately can be complex.

Therefore, spouses going through the property division process will want to seek legal representation, so that a fair and appropriate result can be reached. At Mansouri Law Offices, we recognize that no two cases are the same. Therefore, we treat all clients as individuals, giving them the personal attention they need in property division matters, as well as with regards to other divorce legal issues. We understand that ending a marriage is not easy, so we aim not only to provide legal support to our clients but also emotional support. We recognize that it is often preferable to settle divorce legal issues out of court. However, we are not afraid to litigate matters if it comes to that.

Marital property can be financially and sentimentally valuable. Therefore, it is not unusual for disputes to arise during the property division process, even among spouses who are generally cooperative. That is why it's important to have an attorney by your side, to represent your interests and protect your rights. Our property division webpage may be a good starting point for those who want more information on how an attorney can help those going through a divorce.