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A Late-In-Life Divorce Presents Complex Legal Issues

Some people in Los Angeles might be under the impression that those who divorce late in life have an easier time than younger couples who divorce. But, while older couples still must resolve issues regarding spousal support and property division, but there are two topics that become more complicated as a couple ages.

First, if a couple decides to divorce after decades of marriage, they may have accumulated a significant amount of assets. They may own a home and a vacation home. They may also have well-funded retirement accounts, the division of which must be fair. Neither party is impoverished post-divorce. The more assets a couple has when they divorce, the more complicated property division.

Spousal support in a late-in-life divorce can be a more pressing issue than it might be for younger couples. When a couple divorces while they are younger, often spousal support is rehabilitative.

This means it is meant to last just long enough for the receiving spouse to obtain a job that allows them to become self-sufficient. However, when a couple is older, it can be more difficult for a spouse who had stayed out of the workforce to re-enter the working world, especially if it has been decades since they had a job. This could affect the type of spousal support awarded.

In the end, spouses going through a late-in-life divorce have many issues to contend with that may differ. Each divorce is unique, but most divorces are not easy. Even in amicable divorces, disagreements can come up during the divorce process that can slow it down. Moreover, any decisions made on divorce legal issues can affect a person for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it pays to have a dedicated legal team in one's corner, such as the professionals at Mansouri Law Offices. They understand that a late-in-life divorce presents challenges and that it is important that the final result of the divorce is fair to their clients. Their webpage on late-in-life divorce may be a good starting point for those who are in need of information on this topic.