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Custody & Support Modifications

Why Might a California Parent Seek a Child Support Modification?

As parents in Los Angeles move on from their divorce, in general, one parent will pay child support to the other parent. However, life has a way of throwing twists and turns in one's direction. Sometimes a parent's circumstances change so drastically that they feel the current child support order is no longer appropriate. In this situation, parents may pursue a modification of the child support order.

The paying parent may seek to have the amount they pay in child support lowered. On the other hand, the receiving parent may seek to have the amount they receive in child support increased. But, to modify a child support order there generally needs to be a significant change in circumstances. Keep in mind that, until a judge approves a child support modification, the current order stands, and the paying parent must keep paying -- the modification is not retroactive.

For example, due to a job loss, the paying parent may find that they are no longer able to meet their child support obligations. Conversely, if the paying parent received a lucrative promotion or inheritance, the receiving parent may want to see child support payments increase based on this increase in income. In other cases, the receiving parent may find that their child's financial needs have changed since the initial order was established, and they now need more support than they had in the past. And, if the paying parent has more children after a divorce, they may want to decrease what they pay in child support.

These are only some examples of why a modification of child support may be sought. This post cannot guarantee any specific result when it comes to child support modification. Readers who want more information on this topic are encouraged to seek the help they need to determine whether they want to pursue a child support modification.