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Some Statistics About Grey Divorce

According to recent statistics, so-called grey divorce is getting more and more common both in California and throughout the rest of the country. In fact, the number of divorces among those over 50 years old has increased by 109 percent, more than doubling, over the last generation or so.

To give a comparison, the divorce rate among those who are in their twenties and thirties actually slid downward between 1990 and 2015. The rate of divorces in this age group dropped by over 20 percent. During the same timeframe, the percentage of those in their 40s who divorced increased by 14 percent, that is, very little when compared with those going through a late-in-life divorce.

Those familiar with these statistics suggest a number of reasons for the pronounced spike in the number of grey divorces. For one, people live longer, and that means they are more willing to divorce later in life after they have raised their children.

Likewise, given changing cultural attitudes, people over 50 are less reluctant to divorce, particularly if they both have decent jobs and feel like they can afford to branch out on their own.

Those who are on a subsequent marriage, or who have only been married for a relatively short period of time are more likely to face a grey divorce.

People in the Los Angeles area that are going through a grey divorce face many unique financial issues. Oftentimes, people in this age bracket have acquired a lot of assets and may also be at the peak of their income earning potential.

On the flip side, the aftermath of a late-in-life divorce can lead to serious financial hardship. A person going through one should consider seeking out the assistance of an experienced attorney.