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Marital Property Division

We Are Prepared to Handle Late-In-Life Property Division Issues

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, a late-in-life divorce, also commonly referred to as a grey divorce, presents special and potentially complicated issues to which couples going through the process need to be sensitive.

One of our previous posts pointed out that more and more people from the Baby Boomer generation are going to have to deal with these issues at some point in their lives, as late-in-life divorce is getting more and more common as time goes on.

Many couples in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area who are older also tend to have more wealth between them, simply because older people have had more of an opportunity to accumulate property. Moreover, as years go on, couples tend to mix their property together, making it subject to division under California's community property laws.

Furthermore, many assets involved in a late-in-life divorce are somewhat difficult to value precisely. Many times, pensions or other retirement accounts make up a substantial portion of the marital estate and will need to be assigned a dollar value. Likewise, investment real estate or other complex assets often come into play during a grey divorce.

As we've discussed before, estimating the value of these types of investments can prove to be both complicated and contentious.

Our law office understands the unique challenges with property division that a late-in-life divorce entails. With sensitivity to one's financial and personal situation, we will work hard to help our clients get a fair property division that is in our clients' best interests. Although we will explore negotiation as an option, we do not hesitate to take matters to trial when doing so is what is right for our clients.