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Marital Property Division

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? Here's How You Can Find Out

You know that divorce is going to be difficult, especially if there are complex and valuable assets at stake. High asset divorces are more likely to be acrimonious, and many times, it takes a costly, stressful court battle to settle property division matters. It can be especially difficult when one spouse suspects the other of hiding assets or being dishonest about property value. 

There are several ways your spouse could attempt to hide assets, specifically bank accounts. Whether you are not certain something is wrong or you are sure something is missing from the disclosures, you have the right to fight for a fair property division settlement. Your future financial interests are at stake, and you deserve your fair share of all marital property.

Get to the bottom of it

Marital property includes all property bought, and purchases accumulated or earned over the course of a marriage. In a divorce, marital property is subject to fair division between the spouses. However, if your spouse is hiding accounts, your final order will not be very fair, having a potentially significant impact on your financial future. 

If you suspect hidden assets, you would be wise to take quick action to get to the bottom of it. It is your right to speak out on your suspicions and seek the information you need to ensure your final order is fair. Some of the steps you can take to locate hidden assets include:

  • Compare the financial disclosures to see if something is missing or not properly valued
  • Carefully inspect all bank statements and documents related to all financial accounts
  • Seek a deposition to compel your spouse to answer questions about hidden assets under oath

Hidden assets are a threat to your future. It's important to take quick, decisive action to ensure you get the share of marital property you deserve.

Help from the very beginning

In a financially complex divorce, you will find great benefit in working with a California divorce attorney who understands what is at stake for you and knows how to fight for your interests. With the help of your legal advocate, you can take the steps necessary to find hidden accounts and secure your share of all marital property.

Before you sign a property division settlement or agree to terms that could impact your future, you will find it beneficial to consider what will be best for you in the future. Temporary emotions can cloud your judgment, but it will help to keep your eyes on your best future.