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Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

MediationDivorce can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but this doesn't always have to be the case. Couples in Los Angeles seeking a divorce can decide to take the high road and try to work together so that they each walk away from the split more or less amicably. For these couples, mediation may be an option.

There are some good reasons to try mediation. First of all, since it is not an adversarial process in an intimidating courtroom pitting one side against the other, mediation can be less stressful than litigation. Mediation consists more of having conversations in a neutral and comfortable setting. This may especially be good if the divorcing couple has children.

Also, no one wants to see their divorce turn into a long, drawn-out event. Litigation can take months or even years in some cases. This can greatly interfere with one's daily life. Mediation usually doesn't take as long to conclude as litigation does, meaning there is less disruption to one's normal activities.

Another aspect of litigation that leaves a bad taste in one's mouth is the cost. It goes without saying that litigating a divorce is costly from attorney's fees to court fees and more. However, many mediators work on an hourly charge, and since the process usually takes less time than litigation, it may cost less money in the long run.

Finally, mediation often gives couples more of a sense of closure. This is because they will have worked together to reach an end result that they are both satisfied with. This could also lay the groundwork for future cooperation post-divorce, which could be useful if a couple has children.

In the end, while mediation is not for everyone, it is something worth considering. Keep in mind, too, that couples who want to mediate their divorce can still have the representation of an attorney if they wish. For some couples, mediation is the preferred way to reach a satisfactory divorce outcome that sets the tone for a more positive future.

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