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Those in a 'grey divorce' may face Social Security issues

An increasing number of older couples in Los Angeles and nationwide are deciding, after decades of marriage, that their relationship is no longer viable and they want to divorce. Sometimes, this happens when a couple simply grows apart over time, and the split is amicable. Sometimes, this happens after years of arguing and resentment. And, still, sometimes this happens when couples have known for years that they were only staying together for the children. No matter what the circumstances, however, it is important to note that these "grey divorces" present issues not found in other divorces. One of those issues involves Social Security.

Don't handle property division alone in a high-asset divorce

California couples who decide to end their marriages may have a lot of concerns, and one of these concerns may be how to divide their property. This may be especially true for couples who have a significant amount of assets. While some property will be considered separate and will be retained by the spouse who owns it, property obtained during the course of the marriage will generally be subject to equal division, although this doesn't mean that every piece of property will be split 50/50.

Are these issues complicating your parent/child relationship?

When you divorced, you may have done what many other California parents do; that is, you may have gathered your children to inform them of your decision and invite discussion regarding their feelings about the topic. Divorce is seldom easy and you yourself may understand the absolute roller coaster of emotions that often accompanies the process; so, it may have come as no surprise to you that your children were somewhat struggling.

What steps need to be taken to end spousal support?

In California, not every award of spousal support is permanent. Moreover, certain life events can happen that result in the cessation of spousal support. It is important to know what these events are and what steps to take to end spousal support.

What's 'permanent spousal support' in California?

The last decade or so has seen the rise of many arguments with regard to a certain family law topic: alimony, or as it is called in California, spousal support. The focus of many of these discussions has been the award of a type of post-relationship payments known as permanent spousal support. While the name may be somewhat misleading, it is important for those going through a divorce in California, especially those with high incomes or a large number of assets, to understand how this type of alimony works.

Be careful when dividing retirement plans in a divorce

Does divorce always happen after a flash-in-the-pan marriage? Sometimes. Yet, other couples can spend years or even decades married before deciding to divorce. In fact, in what is coined a "gray divorce," in the United States, the divorce rate for those 50 years old or older has increased twofold since the 1990s. For example, in 2015, 10 married people out of every 1,000 age 50 or older divorced. Moreover, the divorce rate for those 65 years old and up has approximately tripled since 1990.

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