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How can one legally stop paying spousal support in California?

A person might spend years paying spousal support to his or her ex after a divorce. It can be a connection to a failed marriage that they may not be happy with, but one must follow the court order in the divorce decree. While sometimes a person in California wishes to modify a spousal support order, and may be able to do so, there may come a time in which the person wants to end the spousal support order permanently.

Property division and the family pet

People in Los Angeles treasure their "fur-babies." Indeed, one's dog, cat or other pet is truly considered a member of the family by their human companions. Of course, human relationships are complicated and sometimes a married couple decides they are best off divorcing. This kicks off a host of decisions that must be negotiated. While people may anticipate a child custody battle, if they have children, the issue of who gets the family pet can be almost as emotional a topic.

How can a prenup benefit a couple, even if they don't divorce?

Couples in Los Angeles who are engaged to be married are usually very much in love. They may feel they have a lot in common with their soon-to-be spouse, and anticipate a long and happy union together. However, one topic that is not always discussed prior to walking down the aisle is that of money. For some couples, this can be a costly mistake. Disagreements about how to handle money in a marriage can sometimes lead to divorce. Therefore, it can help for couples to discuss money well before their wedding day, so they can be on the same page about how to handle it.

Relocating with your child after divorce

After the divorce of a California couple, each spouse may move toward a new and different life at his or her own pace. When children are involved, the parents may find their lives revolve around the events and activities most important to the children. However, some factors may have the greatest impact on the parents.

Both must play by the rules when it comes to child custody

When parents in California divorce, decisions will need to be made regarding child custody. While the trend these days may be moving toward joint custody, it still may be the case that one spouse will have physical custody of the child, and the other spouse will have visitation rights. This means that the noncustodial spouse may pay child support to the custodial spouse.

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